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Your premier provider of specialized linguistic solutions for federal and government entities, as well as corporations. With a proven track record of excellence, we offer a wide range of language services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Expertise

At Advanced Linguistics Services, our unwavering focus is on delivering rapid, accurate, and simultaneous translations of information and support to our clients, 24/7/365 days a year, leveraging our extensive worldwide support network. Our commitment to excellence is fortified by our integrated Quality Assurance (QA) mechanism, which serves as the cornerstone of our approach. We also specialize in providing interpreting services to esteemed clients such as the U.S. Army. Our team comprises skilled translators, linguists, and project managers who collaborate seamlessly to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for even the most complex language requirements.

Comprehensive Language Solutions: We excel in facilitating oral and written communications across a diverse array of languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Urdu. Our proficiency extends to technical translations, ensuring the accurate conveyance of specialized content with precision and clarity. Our team comprises skilled translators, linguists, and project managers who collaborate seamlessly to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for even the most complex language requirements

Our analysis team provides:

DUNS#:   967471280 
CAGE#:    6B7M8
NAICS CODES (Commonly supported):
611710, 54193, 541990, 611630, 611699

Why Choose Us


Our team embodies professionalism in every aspect of our work, prioritizing accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality.t


With extensive experience in linguistic services, we possess the expertise needed to tackle challenging projects with confidence and proficiency.

Client-Centric Approach

We understand the unique requirements of our clients and tailor our services to meet their specific needs, ensuring utmost satisfaction.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver timely and efficient language solutions without compromising on quality.

Our Services

Quality control at all stages of the process: resource management, workflow, and project follow-up.

Project management approach: on time and within budget; successful results with large volumes.

Our pricing for translation projects is determined by several factors:

Number of source words


Complexity of the subject matter

Language combination


Amount of time required to complete the assignment.

Technical Capability

At Advanced Linguistics Services, we leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of our linguistic solutions. Our technical capabilities encompass a wide range of tools and resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Translation Management Systems (TMS):

We utilize advanced Translation Management Systems to streamline the translation process, from project initiation to final delivery.

These systems enable efficient project management, collaboration among team members, and version control, ensuring consistency and quality across all translations.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

CAT tools enhance the productivity of our linguists by providing features such as translation memory, terminology management, and glossary integration.

These tools facilitate faster and more accurate translations while maintaining linguistic consistency throughout the project lifecycle.

Quality Assurance (QA) Software

Our integrated QA software performs automated checks to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of translations.

By detecting errors and discrepancies early in the process, we maintain high-quality standards and minimize the need for manual intervention.

Machine Translation (MT) Systems

We leverage state-of-the-art Machine Translation systems to complement human translation efforts, particularly for large-scale projects with tight deadlines.

Our linguists fine-tune MT output to ensure linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

Secure Data Management

We prioritize data security and confidentiality throughout our operations.

Our secure data management protocols adhere to industry best practices and compliance standards, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining client trust.

Customization and Integration

We understand that every client's needs are unique. That's why we offer customized solutions and integration capabilities to align with specific requirements, workflows, and systems.

Whether it's integrating with client platforms or developing bespoke tools, we tailor our technical solutions to optimize efficiency and deliver superior results.

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Whether you require interpreting services for critical communications or technical translations for specialized content, Advanced Linguistics Services is your trusted partner for all your linguistic needs.

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